Mushroom Seal Profile 0002

SKU: 0002-25

Length: 25 ft


10mm x 5mm Reusable Groove Pattern Profile is primarily used to form the stem groove for the (3202) Mushroom Seal  during mold creation. 

The 0002 Groove Pattern Profile is a 100% silicone seal material, allowing it to also be used as a primary mold seal. In that use, initially, it is the profile or pattern for forming the groove when building the mold. When in service, the 0002 profile is pulled from the new mold, leaving the groove. Then the 0002 profile can become the actual mold seal having placed a piece of wire in the groove first to leave the profile above the groove so it can come in contact with opposite mold flange for sealing. Direct diameters of wire all the seal force to be adjusted as needed.

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