SKU: 2146-RN-6

Tubing Size: 6mm & 1/4in OD


2146-RN Catchpot is the perfect solution for keeping your vacuum system clear of resin during an injection. Placed between the vacuum supply line and mold vent the 2145-RN catchpot will prevent any excess resin from entering the vacuum line and ultimately your vacuum pump.

The modern remote design uses one of it’s fittings to connect to the mold using a short piece of poly tubing, connected at one end to the mold vent using a 2145-N fitting and the other end connecting to the inlet fitting on the lid of the catchpot. The catchpots second fitting is connected to the vacuum supply line.

Included with the 2146-RN Catchpot is the catchpot and lid with two (2) 2145-N fittings.

Sizes: Catchpot lid fittings come in two sizes to fit your choice of tubing;
  • 2146-RN-6 – Fits both 6mm and 1/4in O.D. tubing
  • 2146-RN-10 – Fits both 10mm and 3/8in O.D. tubing
Production Use:

The 2146-RN Catchpot provides several major advantages over using a straight vent tube in production. One of the primary advantages is the drastic reduction in the risk of damaging your vacuum pumping system. With a capacity of 1 quart, the catchpot provides a leeway for any excess resin to pool in. After each injection—the short poly tube between the mold vent fitting and the catchpot is discarded and replaced, allowing for continuous re-use of the catchpot. With its nonstick stainless steel design, any of the mold release agents applied to the inside of the catchpot bowl will allow any resin that has pooled in the catchpot to be discarded by simply popping it out once it’s hardened.

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