7496 Avis Automatic Injection Sprue Valve

SKU: 7496



7496 AVIS (Automatic Valve Injection Sprue) is designed to be installed directly into the (0093) Universal Port -- sold separately.

With the AVIS you are able to have the Injection System automatically open the AVIS valve, inject the mold, close the AVIS, and automatically flushing both the AVIS and the connected mixhead of the Injection System. This eliminates the need to disconnect the mixhead and flush after each molding cycle. 

The AVIS enables you to run your injections completely automated.

Often the AVIS allows for the point of injection to be located deep into the inner upper mold backside that is not practical to reach, such as when the mold is mounted in a press or similar restriction of access. 

The rebuild kit for the AVIS is SKU 7544.

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