Dynamic Silicone Primary Mold Seal

SKU: 1114-25

Length: 25 ft


1114 GR Dynamic seal is 100% silicone material suited for all types of resin systems. Versatile and flexible in nature allowing it to conform to changing mold flange profiles.
The Dynamic seal primary use is to circumvent the mold cavity acting as the main seal, restricting the resin from leaving the mold cavity during the injection.

Dynamic seal relies on a .420" to .450″ deep by .550″ wide at the top narrowing to .470 at the base of the channel to properly seal the mold cavity. The seal channel groove can be manually or machine cut into the mold, or we offer a dynamic seal channel pattern profile 3340 to precisely create a tapered profile channel.


Installation of the dynamic seal onto the mold surface is done using 100% RTV silicone—part number 7499. Place a thin coat of 100% RTV silicone on the base of the seal, careful to not put too much as it will raise the seal interfering with mold closure. Join the ends with using the silicone as an adhesive and a dynamic seal splice join 1126 to ensure a secure fit. Once installed and dried, a small bead of 100% RTV clear silicone is suggested along the edge of the seal on the mold cavity side to prevent resin from pushing in between the seal and the seal channel wall.

Temperature Note:

Maximum mold temperature for the dynamic seal is 170f / 76c

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