Large Air Ejector

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Compact yet efficient means to help de-mold parts from the mold cavity, preventing the need to pry or pound on the mold, reducing the risk of premature mold failure.

The 0580 Air Ejector is fully pneumatic. When energized the center nose seal of the ejector is pulled back into the body allowing for a "wedge" of air to enter between the part and the mold surface.

The face of the Air Ejector is flush with the flat mold surface reducing any witnessing on the final part.

The Air Ejector is held into the mold via a steel inserted that is laminated into the mold. Alternatively, the Air Ejector can be screwed directly into the mold having the female threads and nose taper found in the insert machined directly into the mold that is being cut from a billet of other materials. Please contact us for mold insert SKU and drawing details.

Control of the Air Ejector can be actuated with the (1949) Air Ejector Palm Button Control which can actuate one or multiple Air Ejectors at once.

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