Nylon Tube Seal

SKU: 2149-N-1/4

Diameter: 1/4"


2149-N Nylon Tubing Seal Fitting for either 1772 or 0095 permanent insert port.

Includes Seal Grommet

Available in 1/2" & 3/8" & 1/4" Variants

(1/2" Variant has 1/2" NPT Male Thread & Seals on 13MM or 1/2" OD tube)

(3/8" Variant has 3/8" NPT Male Thread & Seals on 10MM or 3/8" OD tube)

(1/4" Variant has 1/4" NPT Male Thread & Seals on 6MM or 1/4" OD tube)

This is for the nylon tube seal fitting only. Does not include the permanent molded-in (1772) Injection Insert Body. The 1772 Injection Insert Body and 2149-N Tube Seal are available together as (2145) Tube Port Assembly

Replacement Seal Grommet #2149-N/G

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