Red Silicone High Temp Mushroom Seal 8095

SKU: 8095-25

Length: 25 ft


8095 High-Temperature Mushroom Seal is the high-temperature variation of the original (3202) Mushroom Seal.

The 8095 High-Temperature Mushroom Seal is designed to be resistant to damage in a production molding operation, yet resilient enough to conform to the mold flange profile providing a vacuum-tight seal.

Normally used as the primary seal preventing the resin from leaving the mold cavity and entering the high vacuum area of the perimeter flange used for mold closure clamping. 

Designed to fit into a mold groove that is 10 mm wide by 3 mm deep for the head compression to be between 1mm to 1.5 mm. Then the 5 mm x 10 mm stem is centered for the stem so the actual groove is a "T" shape.

Compatible with all poly and vinyl esters, epoxies, urethane, molding resins. With molding temperatures up to 225 F.

The seal compression for the 8095 High-Temperature Mushroom Seal can be adjusted by first inserting a wire or plastic cord in the stem groove before inserting the seal stem, this prevents the stem from fully seating to be bottom of the groove allowing for adjustment of the seal head compression. 

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