1680 Vacuum Wing Seal EPDM

SKU: 1680-25

Length: 25 ft


1680 Vacuum Wing Seal is an outer perimeter mold seal. Used to seal the outside edge of the mold when the mold flange is under vacuum. The special EPDM sponge material has been designed to retain the wing profile shape even when the molds are stored closed.

The 1680 Wing Seal sets the standard in an excellent performance with a high degree of tear resistance even in the worst of molding environments.

The wing seal begins to engage with the mold flanges about 3/8" (10mm) apart, then continues to compress to form a vacuum-tight seal. Wing Seal is a proprietary compound of EPDM Foam with excellent memory form retention and won't flatten even with the mold left closed for an extended period.

Designed to fit into a groove .540" high x 1" wide. This groove can easily be created in the upper mold using (3391) Wing Seal Profile which is laid on top of .040" (1mm) sheetwax on the mold flange. Using the Wing Seal Profile eliminates the need to create the groove profile from sheetwax.

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